May 4, 2009


Wow! Today we were joined by Amber, our 100th faithful reader of Sawdust & Dirt. Amber is from my hometown of Clarksville, TN! Wow, what a coincidence! She describes herself as:
I'm in college full time, I work two part time jobs, I have a husband and a child. I'm Busy!
But not too busy to stop by and read the blog! As for the rest of you who haven't signed on, what's up ? No biggie. I'm not really sure what the advantages of being a follower are, besides the pride and the love. I guess I better come up with some kind of token of appreciation for all of you all. Does anyone have any ideas? T-shirts, tote bags, Michael Sherrill Mudtool's! Maybe a giveaway is in order. Hmmm.

Welcome Amber, and thank you, all, for staying with me here at ye olde blogge.