April 10, 2009

Trading Cards

a sampling of the
fronts of the cards

Just in time for the first pitch...well, pretty close....here's a great little project that I am lucky to be part of. Lucky, as in, "coach" put me in to pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth. [Even when I played ball in little league I was second string. :-)] This set of 33 full color trading cards of potters you may or may not know will benefit the Studio Potter Magazine and can be yours for the mere price of $23! If you're in Phoenix and NCECA you can stop by the Studio Potter booth at NCECA and pick up a set. I'm not sure how many they printed, but I'd say that you'd better get yours, soon. If you're not at NCECA, then you can get a set from Simon Levin, here.

As a kid, (huh, right, probably till I was in college), I collected baseball cards, and still have my collection! So I was thrilled when I got the call. My heroes used to be ball players, but for a long time now, they've been potters. So all of this has come full circle.

some of the backs

I'll try to share more of my favorites after I get permission from the "coach".

[A NOTE ON THE STATS------YIC---years in clay, CR---cone range, PPY---pots per year,
SPY---shards per year, MEPS---most expensive pot sold, MEPP---most
expensive pot purchased, Po---position, FT---firing time,
PF---preferred fuel, Nn---nickname, T---team.]