April 3, 2009

Stacey Lane In Metalsmith Magazine

Stacey in action in her studio

My wife Stacey is in Metalsmith Magazine's current issue! She's mentioned in an article titled "Seeing Green: Towards Sustainable Jewelry Practices". You can only read the article by getting your own copy at newsstands or subscription.

Not on the cover, but inside the new issue!

So...here is an excerpt just for you!

from the article:

Stacey Lane's playful and lyrical castings are made from recycled metal, though this fact does not inform the work aesthetically. Before ethically sourced metal was available, Lane created a green framework of her own: she returned metal to the system, in the form of scrap, to equal or exceed the amount she was purchasing, thus offsetting her mining footprint. Today Lane only uses ethically sourced metal, and strived to find etically sourced gems. [Muenster] and Lane are among the first studio jewelers to choose ethically sourced material not as a personal exploration, a gimmick, or a passing fad, but because it is simply the right thing to do for the profession, for their consumers, and for the earth.

One of Stacey's work benches.
This is where she works her wax models.
That's what the red stuff is.