April 28, 2009


Here are two jars from last night that have a subtle difference in their "line". I like the one in the background more. I like it because it comes right out from its base and it's line doesn't change direction, but continues to the lip. The jar in the foreground has a line that changes direction about a third of the way up it's height. The pots I love from the Catawba Valley tradition have the continuous and unchanging line in their profile. Of course as I type this I realize I risk generalization, but from what I have noticed of these pots in books and in life , it is that distinctive "line" that I find very pleasing.

Here is an example of a really nice 4 gallon jar in the NC Pottery Center collection. It was made by Daniel Seagle, one of my pottery heroes. It's shape is ovoid, but has that characteristic line that I love.