March 3, 2009

K-State Remembered

My "posse"

Bo Bedilion(r) and Chris(l) at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City

I'm back from my workshop at "K-State" in Manhattan, Kansas! It was a whirlwind trip but a whole lotta fun. My main man, Bo Bedilion, kept me on time and focussed on the tasks of a one day workshop and slide lecture. His fellow grad student, Chris, was there in Kansas City for the airport run and Nelson-Atkins Museum tour. We had a blast at this amazing museum and I took a lot of pictures I haven't edited down yet, but soon I hope. When I do, I'll share some of them with you all.

Right now, I'm packing my tools and clay etc. for Haywood Community College, outside of Asheville, NC, where I will be doing another workshop at their Professional Crafts Program. It will be happening Wednesday all day and then again on Thursday morning. I will try to send a picture or two from that as well. Maybe I can convince Professor Steve Lloyd to upload some pics live! If you want to come and see for yourself, the public is invited. Give me a shout and I can email you the directions.

I thought I would share this view from Chris' Trailblazer (and GPS) en route to Manhattan, KS. I'm so used to the windy roads here in the mountains of NC, I was getting dizzy from all of the straight roads out there!

I hope that Chris will email some pictures he took at the workshop so I can share those with you. TIA Chris! Also my many thanks go to Bo Bedilion, Yoshi Ikeda, Dylan Beck, and
everyone at the K-State Potters Guild for inviting me to Manhattan! More on K-State to come.