February 11, 2009

Wednesday Waiting

The electric company said they would 'hook' me up today. I've never been so excited about public utilities! We'll see. I won't hold my breath. After eight years of extension cords, what's a few more days?

It looks like another balmy day here and I hope to make a few mugs to warm up for tonight's Clay Club mugathon. If you're in the neighborhood of Penland School tonight come by the pot shop and spin a few for the annual mug grab at the Penland Auction. I'm sure they will appreciate it. There's pizza! [I hope I can remember how to make mugs.] Maybe I can get a decent piece of wire up there.

Still clip-cloppin' on the treadle wheel and enjoying it. I haven't built my Shimpo wheel stand/ball opener, yet. (But I did build a makeshift tree house for the girls in a giant rhododendron tree we found in the woods behind the shop.) I, of course, immediately started looking for a grouping of trees that I could build my epic tree house. But if I start another project before my wheel stand is finished, I probably should be shot to save me from myself and my endless parade of unfinished projects.

That's all for now. Better get up the hill and get to spinning.