February 20, 2009


Not a lot happening in the shop this morning. The girls are home from school and we're brewing up a couple of projects, i.e. a bunk bed for their "American Girls™ , some long overdue Thank You cards, and regular visits to Mommy's studio, where she is working on some tiny shiny.

Here's the state of the pots I've made the last couple of days. I've been moving more stuff from the "storage unit" in Micaville and sorting through all of it. I've found tons of books, cards, letters, LP's, cassette tapes, pictures, scraps of wood, and old kiln logbooks! There are some really nice old postcards that I've saved from over the last twenty or so years. I'll try to scan a few and post them later.

Makes me wonder how we promoted our work before Modern Postcard™ came along. These days there are so many places to have postcards made. If you're looking for a good place to care of your 'dream card' look to Elizabeth Robinson . Elizabeth makes beautiful pots and has a new business designing artist postcards and can now make your postcard dreams come true. (and for a very good price, too!) Check out her "Postcards For Artists" website and see a sampling of her designs. You can also see some of her pots here.

I'd better get to work on those mini-bunk-beds!
I'll let you know about what happens in the studio later today. Thanks for checking in!