February 13, 2009

Cupboard Confidential

Yes, there seems to be a lack of solid pottery content around here. I hear you. Readers are removing their following status left and right, the stats are way down, sponsors are pulling their advertising, boo hoo. What can this mean for the pottery bloggery? Stimulus package! Nothing really new, just a reshuffle! After all, I can't remember the last piece of pottery we've added to the collection?!

This morning as I emptied the dishwasher, I realized that except for a couple of small plates with partially eaten bagels, all of the dishes are "in the stack", so to speak. And since I'm desperate for 'content' I realized that it was time for another episode of "Cupboard Confidential". As I stacked up the clean pots and found a stable spot for them I realized that being on top isn't what it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you gotta stack according to size. We wouldn't want the little plates under the big ones, now would we. [There does seem to be some risky business happening in the cereal bowl department! not to mention a lot of teetering.] I'll have to figure out a way to have a contest here somehow. But everybody knows that Brandon will probably win...Have a lucky 13th!

Bonus material (pork):