January 26, 2009

Coffee Break Vol.#16

I love this MUG! I'm pretty sure I've shown this before in my coffee break series, but not in full color. Part of the reason I love this mug so much is its beautiful and hard to pinpoint color. Is it green, is it brown? It's certainly the color of Catawba pottery at its best. The texture of the runny glaze makes me think of Kim's stoke doors and how I got one stuck when I first helped him fire his kiln, and how I was glad I had two layers of pants on that night. You have dull red heat, you have your bright cherry if your a blacksmith, but you have the burning zipper temperature when you're burning a groundhog kiln. This mug has a nice pool of alkaline glaze in the bottom confirming the hot fire from which it was born. I like the comfort of the handle and the slight flare of the rim. I got this mug from Kim the first time I met him several years ago and I treasure it to this day.