January 2, 2009


Here it is , the New Year, and all of "us" at Sawdust and Dirt wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! My good friend, Lori Marks, was in China last year working on the Olympics. She is one of those golden friends that always sends me a Christmas card. This years card features the terracotta army all dressed up for the holidays. [Really nice work Lori.] Since I mentioned the warriors the other day, I thought I would share this card with ya'll along with my best wishes and hopes for the new year.

I haven't compiled any top ten lists or a wish list for the coming year. I wanted to do a "Best of" post but haven't taken the time, sorry. Maybe I will have time this month sometime. But soon I hope to be making pots and will share all the excitement with you if you're willing.

May your wheels continue to spin, and may you love the spin you're in.
Thank you for reading.