November 2, 2008

Cupboard Confidential

For the lack of content I have to reach into some themed posts and update the theme. Here is today's cupboard. Who's on top?

In the monkey dish pile, far left, I guess I'm on top since I'm the only one in the cabinet that qualifies. In the bowls category, looks like Ron is still on top after several months. Also the Gloria Kosco is winning over some Hello Kitty bowls. Looks like the contest in the plates section has been "stacked". We'll have to go to Price-Waterhouse for an official audit next time the dishwasher gets unloaded.

We have had some casualties this go around. I broke a nice little shino glazed teacup (maker unknown) that has been in the cabinet ever since I can remember, and that nice covered mug from Marty Fielding bit the pavement the other day when I got out of my truck in downtown Spruce Pine. Damn. Oh well. They say that the only reason potters stay in business is the breakage of their product. Well, I guess that's true to some extent.