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Friday News



I thought that if I publish this shocking picture it would leave with no choice but to clean it up and show you a before/after picture. Then you might be amazed, right? Well, maybe not.

Today started off pretty cool in low 30's, but at munch time it's about 65*F. Not bad. I've spent the better part of last night and all of this morning in meetings, Potter's of the Roan and Spruce Pine Potters Market, respectfully. After I blog this, I'm moving all of the "stuff", to avoid using a more vulgar word (there may be children reading this after all) to other undisclosed destinations around the compound. I guess you could call it extraordinary rendition, or something to that effect. It's really a shame, but somebody has to do it.

Then it's sheet rock time. I didn't want to use sheet rock, but my budget just doesn't allow a more expensive and aesthetically pleasing pine board wall. I've also just got to get' er done so I can get some clay on the walls!

I still owe everyone a picture or two of my earthenware years (I haven't forgotten you all who remember that promise), and now the dreaded 'after' part of the before/after pictures aforementioned . [say that 3 threes and then cross yourself, it is Holloween!]