October 3, 2008

The Fox and the Bird

Shane Mickey stopped by with a 50 pound box of cream cheese, I didn't have any bagels so we put some on the wheel and made a few pots out of it. It is the polar opposite in many ways, I'm sure, to my local dirt. But I thought it would be worth a spin.

Here is a small board of test pots. It is actually called B-mix-wood and it is called a "white stoneware". Sorry you can't really tell how WHITE this clay is in this photo, but trust me, snow isn't this white.

On the other fronts this week, my 4 year old, Lillian, brought home a little coloring book with various animals she had colored. I immediately saw an opportunity to lift some of the imagery. So here is a fox that I 'traced' onto the pot, then 'engraved'.

It sort of looks like I traced it, doesn't it? It lacks a certain life, but it's a baby step in the direction to incorporating fauna with the flora.

On the same pot, this fox's prey looks over its shoulder, shrugs, and realizes that the fox can't move and poses no threat.