October 5, 2008

Day Late & A Few Dollars Short

Its been just two short weeks since I started this crazy cycle, and I needed another another day to load the kiln. As usual I have a burst of productive days at the end, just as I was getting warmed up, which means more painting, hence the day late on the official burn date. Oh well, I guess I'm lucky to have the extra day as my "lifeline", or "my phone a friend"...Here are a few pictures taken just before shutting down the loading tonight.

view though the kiln shed of kiln furniture,
door and other stuff piled up in the kiln shed

some of the remaining pots to be loaded in the morning

these jars look almost camouflaged sitting all in a group.

some Shane Mickey pots ready for the refire.

more jars, etc. I have a table just the
right height for wadding between the kiln and the majority
of the pots. I also clean posts at this table. For the loading, I staple
a piece of foam to the table, so that I won't rough up the glazed edges
of pots that I turn upside down to wad. The table is in the lower left part of the picture.

I will try to finish ASAP so that I can get a good nap in and start the firing about midnight. Any body who wants to come help me stoke on Monday, come on over, I could use a hand. Until then, I'll get on the phone and make some calls.