October 25, 2008

Coffee Break vol. #14

The only story associated with this cup and this coffee break is that I had to make the coffee with a bag I found in some old box of stuff I brought over to the new shop a couple of months ago. It's not bad. Not the freshest, but it'll pass for this Saturday afternoon. It's become quite a nice afternoon (as you can see the blue-ish tint of the sky in this picture). I've had a couple of visitors to buy pots this afternoon, so I haven't done much except talk and wrap a few pots to send on their way. That's ok, but I'll have to give Stacey a call to pick up milk and COFFEE before she comes home this evening! Otherwise the waffles won't be nearly as good tomorrow morning. I hope the weekend is going well with everyone. I'm still looking for those old slides of earthenware pots I promised last week. I haven't forgotten. It's just that everything is in a royal mess and stacks of boxes take time to go through. But no task is too great for you, my dear readers.

{BTW, This cup has been in my cupboard for a little while, from a firing in the spring. One of mine and one of my faves. But!!! this cup could be yours! Shall we auction it off? Why not. It holds about 12 oz. Since this is the 12th chapter of this coffee saga, let's start the bidding at $12. [correction: this is actually the 14th chapter of coffee break, sorry. I went back and counted(-:] Wow, what a bargain. I'll ship anywhere (but over the ocean) for free! (sorry, Doug, Hannah, Matt, et. al.) Leave your bid by posting it as a comment. Now, do I hear 12??? }