September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Joe

The eye opener today is in this beautiful Bulldog Pottery mug I got from Bruce and Samantha at the Mint Show a couple of weeks ago. This is the mug that we fight over [not literally] in the morning. It's first come first served in this fine dotted mug.I also wanted to show the coffee ceremony set. The jar is one made by Douglas Rankin and Will Ruggles, which I acquired in 1989 while I was a student at Penland. It has served me well and has housed uncountable bags of French Roast over the past twenty years. This is truly a pot of daily use, a phrase that has unfortunately become such a cliche in potter's statements and magazine articles about pots. There must be another way to describe a cherished implement of sustenance, oh, that seems a little bit much...well you know what I mean, an object of domestic pleasure, no, maybe this, ...a pot. But that seems to simplistic...A spade is a spade, and a shovel, well, don't believe the hype. I've made pots that I never use and called them pots for daily use, but are they really?
I better go, I need to find more moonshiners for my jugs.

P.S. does anyone know who made the yellow pitcher in the background?