September 2, 2008


Mica Cain and Naomi Dalglish

I didn't have much time to be a photographer yesterday, but I managed to get Naomi and Mica to pose for a shot at the end of their working day. In a coincidental twist of fate M and N are both 28 and this happened to be the 28th firing of the kiln, and the 6th anniversary firing. I couldn't have done it without them.

Recap: The day began about 3 a.m. and I took it really slow, with all the green ware and all. Stacey came on at 5:30 and gave me a break that was supposed to be spent sleeping, but my daughters had a different plan. So i sent them up to the kiln to "help Mommy", and returned after a short nap. Mica came around 11 and Naomi came to help finish up at 5. The kiln responded really well to all of the adjustments, too numerous to include, and I can attribute that to dry wood and proper stacking. In the first year or two I would try to pack the kiln to the gills, but soon found the kiln to be stubborn and uncooperative. So I yielded to the kiln's needs to fire evenly ever since. Near the end of the firing, I tossed in 12 cylinders of salt. We checked the draw rings and concluded that that was enough. We'll see... on Thursday.