September 30, 2008

Get Out the Brushes

quick cooling the kiln last night

Today will be slightly abbreviated in the studio. I'm planning some play time with girls this afternoon and I'm cooking dinner! WooHoooo. Maybe Paella!

Painting begins today with a little pottery shuffling to and fro as well. I've made a nice path between the house and the studio, two in fact. One goes to the porch kiln, and the other a beeline to the kitchen and 'fridge. So as I go up to the studio I grab a few pots from the bisque and on the way down i bring a few pots to the porch kiln. I make a lot of trips back and forth checking my non computerized electric kiln. [Update: the kiln fires quite well on high. The breaker is fine and nothing is heating up except the kiln. That's good. On high the temp increases about 4 degrees/minute which was the same as I had at the Mushroom Factory. This all seems fairly trivial, I know. ]

My plans include painting lots of bird imagery as well vines on the pots. Last firing cycle I failed to paint enough of our feathered friends. So I want to make up for that. The majority of the pots will be for salt glaze, but I have a few that I want to glaze with my alkaline ash glaze. Also on the slate is my "Obama-ware". Ayumi Horie is hosting an online sale. See the list of participating potters here. A percentage of the proceeds of the online sale will go to the campaign to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden!