September 7, 2008

Back Home, Show Recap

There were many potter bloggers who stopped in yesterday! Wow. I only had time at the beginning to send pictures on my phone to the blog, then it got busy. Now that I am at home I wanted to send the others. I turned out to be a great day, we dodged the bullet with Hurricane Hanna, and managed to get a few pictures with my buddies. (thanks to Stacey)
Stacey lane, my everything gal

Here are a few pictures taken at the Mint Pottery Invitational!

My "cousins" and I at Lang Van Vietnamese Restaurant.
Always great to sit down after the show and eat, drink, and be merry!
From left and clockwise, Bruce Gohlson, Samantha Henneke, Stacey Lane, Terry Gess,
Matt Kelleher, Nancy Gottovi, Carol Gentithes, and Fred Johnston. I am hoping Fred will send along one of his
many stories of pottery intrigue someday, and be my guest blogger.

Trouble! From left, Kim Ellington, me, Matt Jones, and David Stuempfle.
Tom Turner was in there somewhere, maybe he had already finished his jug.

Elaine Spallone!

Shane Mickey playing his teapot!

Vicki Gill!

I also saw Ronan "9 toes" Peterson, but somehow his picture didn't get saved. Sorry Ronan. But you can see him here.

The show seemed a little slower, less attended than last year, but that's my unscientific assessment. Maybe the threat of the hurricane kept people away. Nevertheless, Elsya, David, and the rest of the fantastic Mint crew did a great job of organizing the show, taking care of the potters, and bringing the public in. I hope I will get to go back next year.