August 26, 2008

Under Over The Boardwalk

It was a drippy, rainy evening up at the boardwalk. I have a drainage issue at the back of the new shop, where I am currently set up. The rain off the roof is finding its way down to where I work, making a muddy mess, ironic isn't it? I will have to address at some point but not now. The ware boards came in handy.
I stacked some damp wood in the shed with a big box fan to help dry out before Monday. This should be fine. Still have a few more sticks to stack tomorrow. Paid a visit to my two kilns and their attendant computers, all seemed fine. Threw a few bowls and what I call "mini's" tonight. The hello kitty container is thrown in for scale.
Tomorrow I will set up my painting station and get to work with some brushes. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.
Good night!