August 15, 2008

A Potters Best Friend

We used to say "when in doubt, make pots." And when you need to get your ass moving, fill the tables with bowls. My deadline is fast approaching and I need to kick it out for the next few days, chase the plastic, get'er done. I made these bowls and after lunch I will make a mess of pitchers.
My camera seems to work OK in B/W mode. I kind of like it. It looks sorta old timey, which you know I like.

I won't even go into the trials and tribulations of be my own contractor and working with the inspector, but I will say phase 1 of the wiring is done, but no power, yet. But I have squared away a bisque kiln just over the hill at Courtney Martin's. Thank you Courtney!!!!!
At least I will be able to bisque the bigger pots. They require a little more handling than the smaller pots when I'm decorating.
Oh Gotta go like Kenzan.
Have a great afternoon.