August 22, 2008


Sounds from last night.

clip clop of treadle wheel
soft shhh-ing of cutting tool and soft clay
the train coming through its winding riverside tracks
wind blowing its warm summer breeze in the leaves behind me in the woods
late summer crickets
the buzz of bombardier winged creatures (see below)

In the early morning hours after midnight I had made up my mind to get all the handles on pitchers(2) and jug(1) and crock(1), get the feet and rims cut on the platters(6).
Not a bad list, but all of the tasks required attention and careful work. No ipod, no radio tonight. Just the wonderful sounds of the night. It struck me as I worked steadily and bleary eyed that at this time of the day(night) there weren't cars and trucks squealing as they navigated the turn on the new asphalt, the phone didn't ring, there wasn't an appointment to make. It was good focused time. Something I really needed. Here are some pictures.
cutting foot on platter

nest of trimmings

some finished pots

Some winged creature [cicada killer wasp] who was flying sorties around my head.
It finally landed and groomed itself while I snapped this picture.
It looks like a bee, but it's almost two inches long.
There were several caught in a holding pattern in my fluorescent lights.