August 25, 2008

Coffee Break vol. #9

D. Hayne is d. man. That's who made this wonderful mug, D. Hayne Bayless. Yes that's a square bottom and a round top! I thought the handle was reminiscent of the harvest jug handles I've been seeing on Ron's, Doug's, and Hannah's blogs of late. All of Hayne's pots are handbuilt, but he does use a wheel, a little known fact. We have several great pots from Hayne, but we could never have enough, except our house is so small, we're limited. Ironically, Hayne's studio is named after a former tight and limited space he used to work in, "Sideways Studio". Now Hayne has built himself a beautiful full-sized studio at his home in Ivoryton, CT. and I always love staying there when I'm in town. Like many potters, Hayne has a great big ole pottery collection. His guest room also houses his plethora of books about pottery, that keeps me up late every time. See his web site here.