August 25, 2008

After Dinner Pottery

Had nice evening in the open air last night. Rain's a coming and the air was damp. We need rain, our pond is almost dried up. The hatch of midges seems to be over, and the cicada killer wasps weren't around tonight. The cicadas must have all been eaten, because i mostly heard the crickets gearing up for their fall concert.

I threw a few cups and that was really a relief after throwing jars. It's a lot like the on-deck batter, swinging two bats before they step up to the plate. The small amount of clay, a little over a pound, was soft and rose up pretty effortlessly, but I had to be careful not to "strangle" it. Here's what the table looked like. Can you tell the bisque from the raw clay in B/W?

Today I will shuttle pots to various electric kilns in the neighborhood and get some pots ready for decorating. I need to mix some slip, maybe a little alkaline glaze, find my brushes, mix up a batch of wax, and wait for the rain. Have a good Monday!

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