July 1, 2008

Penland School Ramble of Sorts

At first I thought I was at some Fourth of July air show, instead of the ol' Red, White , and Blue, it was Black and White, representing Good & Evil. Because that's the kind of world we live in , right? Terrorists and u.s., right? ssssssccccrrreeeeeeeeecchhhhhhhhhhhhh...sorry
I must have had a bad dream. Actually I was at the Penland School of Crafts, where my bud, Mark is teaching. And the smoke is from the wood kiln he and the class were firing. Here is Mark checking for fire...

Here's Bob C. raking the coals.

Here's Bob A. and Mark watching Bob C. rake the coals. (not really, they are hamming it up for the camera.)

Any time I am seen at parties or wherever here in the neighborhood, the first thing people say "Is this going to be on your blog???" Everyone stiffens up and the moment is ruined. But I have my ways of faking left and going right, and I won't divulge any of my clever potterazzi techniques here!

Anyway here are Miranda and Dave. Isn't it a beautiful day? They are sitting in one spot as the world rolls slowly beneath their feet. Dave makes pots and used to live here. Now he lives in Nebraska. Miranda makes prints andwent to school with Dave in NE, now she lives in KY.

Here is a installation from the 'other' clay class led by Kristine Michael by the dining hall.

Speaking of dining, fine and otherwise, here is a bumper sticker from the Pines parking lot. Pearl Grindstaff has worked in the kitchen and baked all sorts of goodies for as long as anyone can remember, even Kat Conley. I've eaten Pearl's brownies, and as a matter of fact I lived on them while I was a resident. That's all for now.