July 2, 2008

Packing and Shipping

I shot these cups before I packed them up for their trip to the heartland. I am having a show at AKAR design next month with my bud Jenny Mendes. More about the show later.
I wanted to thank everyone who commented on the pots, I appreciate all of your comments. I will post more pictures when I have time to shoot them and maybe put a few dogs in there too.

Another gorgeous day here in the mountains. I'm cleaning up the shop and preparing the big move. I have a lot to pack and even more to set aside for the tag sale. Tonight we'll jump into the Penland Fourth of July Parade with the kids and have ice cream and watch the fireworks. If you need a dose of loud booms, pretty colors, and lots of ice cream come over to Penland around evening time. Hope to see you. If not, have a great Wednesday.