July 24, 2008

Coffee Break vol. #7

Lucky 7! Hello all. My break is happening a little early today. What a surprise...Here a favorite mine from my main man, Sam Taylor, who is making some really sweet pots up there in New England. I can't say enough about Sam's pots, so why start now, I need to get back to my pots! (that are drying up in today's sun and wind.) But for those of you in the readership that are keeping score, this cup is made out of some really white clay, maybe porcelain. It's wood fired with salt glaze on a beautifully rendered round headed warbler.

Back to the pots.
Throwing outside is a real tricky situation, but I'm getting into it. Someday I'll have time to give Sam his due and write more about the pots.
Have a great afternoon, or evening if you're reading like Hannah over the ocean. (Hello Hannah) ;-)