June 12, 2008


As I write this I should be in my truck heading to the shop to get things started, but...as Bob Dylan sang,
"One more cup of coffee before I go..."

And why not throws some pictures of my struggle into the electronic ether for you to see as I sip my mud?

Here is a nice jar that had to be returned after it sustained rain damage the other night. This pot looks like any number of the jars i have made this last week, but had perfect balance/weight. Boo Hoo. Bubye.

Here is another in the series of pattern influence. It's a remnant from the chairs we(my family) sat in, I'm guessing, the late sixties. There's no way this could have crept into my young potter's mind, you think? I was talking to my painter friend John Snyder the other day and he told me about recently visiting the post office in his home town of Marion, IA. He said there was this big mural, that he had forgotten about, that reminded him of his own painting style. We discussed the fact that this mural most certainly must have crept into his young painter's mind. There are probably many impressions like these that influence the work we do today. Many or most we may not even be aware of.

Next in this tangential parade of images is this flask I have been struggling to get right. It was made by my buddy from Colorado, Peter Karner. It's a great example of a small pot with a big scale. It's proportions are right on, and it's got a nice feel when you hold it. The glaze is super and color is rich. Unlike Brandon, I won't show you the pile of sorry attempts laying on my wedging table, each slammed down with increasing disgust. I recently read the following, "Everybody can't make pottery", or something to that affect, in one of my pottery books, I think "Turners and Burners". As far as this flask is concerned, I'll keep trying.

Next a few knobs made for some jar lids. My coffee has run out and in the words of R.E.O. Speedwagon,
"It's time for me to fly..."