May 18, 2008

Video: Plate Rim Treatment

Some may think it a little 'cheesy' but this is how I cut the rims of my plates. The cheese cutter is one I bought at the grocery store and took the depth cutter off and and exchanged the wire with a stainless braided wire. The braided wired is very fine and makes it easier to cut. I always cut the foot of the plate first and then cut the rim. You may notice at the beginning that the plate is still pretty floppy. If you try to cut the foot ring after the rim of the plate it will crack. You will only notice the cracks after it is fired. The pressure you exert on the foot ring to trim "spreads" or compromises the rim.As in many of these pottery processes, timing is everything.

At the end of this short video are a few examples of these fired plates. I hope you enjoy it.