May 29, 2008

After Dinner Pottery

After dinner and some time catching up on my reading I returned to the old Micaville studio for some late night pottery. I finished a big jar and then tended to some big bowls by turning over and covering up with plastic as I will be putting up roofing tomorrow. I sat and looked around for a while, listening to some news and then threw a few lids for the jar. At the end of the "hump" of clay I was working off of, I had a tiny amount left on the wheel head. I could have cut it off, but sometimes this little bit of clay can become a nice little unexpected pot. So I threw what I call a 'monkey' dish, a little side dish, I guess you could say. Then I thought of Jenny Mendes and her beautiful little hand pinched bowls. So I decided, since we are having a show together at AKAR this summer, that I would try to make some little bowls inspired by Jenny's. Well here is a picture of some of the ones I quickly threw.

I didn't quite capture the intimate feeling of Jenny's pots(yet). Being pinched, they have a nice softness and wobbliness. She then paints a motif in the center that is always alluring. That will be another challenge, since I don't really paint figuratively. It will be fun to try. Here is one of Jenny's I found at her website, It's just 3" wide and about 2" tall!

In other news tonight...I am hopefully going to move in July to the new shop and I've been going through all the accumulated stuff of seven years in my studio. Before I took these mementos down from my throwing spot, I thought I would record it. There are pictures of my wife and kids, my niece and nephews, cards, reminders, etc. The little pot on the left was the first pot I threw after my accident in '05. For the record, I submit...