April 4, 2008

the Week

It's been an interesting week if you call sitting at a keyboard trying to write an article for a magazine interesting...Well it warmed up today and as I wrote I glanced out the window, looking at our chickens having a hay day between paragraphs. My neighbor Courtney stopped by and we went up to the new studio and I gave her the virtual tour, hopefully we will get back to that after I go to AthensGeeAyyyy to teach a workshop at the UGA ceramics department. I get to see an old friend Ted Saupe, who has been teaching there for 12 years. I will also get to get some quality time with his brood, I think he's up to 12. Ted was actually instrumental in getting me into the Clay program at the U of T in Knoxville back in the early part of my Jurassic period.(I mean the early eighties) For a guy that makes mostly sculpture he can really throw a beautiful pot. Maybe that's his secret-Make lots of sculpture, and occasionally throw some pots just to keep your edge. Radical. Anyway Ted has invited to come down for a little demo and slides for the cadets in the art department at UGA and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Maybe we'll get some fish tacos at Cali and Tito's. (recomended by Brooke) I also hear that REM is releasing a new album, so there should be plenty to do while I'm down there.
I'm also dropping some pots by the MUDFIRE studio and gallery in Decatur GA, for their "American Masters" show. Surely they must be kidding, I think they need my piece to serve hors d'oeurves on. I'm only 46 years old! Ok, I do have a little lot of gray hair and I am a little thin chrome-like on top...I would feel better as an American Mister!

What else?


  1. Hey I totally dig Ted's work. I introduced myself to him at NCECA last year in Louisville. I'd like to have a cup of his. Maybe I can check him out next time I'm down to visit Ron M.

    I do know about Ayumi. I really like her work but hope mine doesn't look too much like hers. Same materials and techniques I guess. I struggle with that whole thing, ie my pots looking similar to others. But really there are little 'cultures' of potters working in similar ways whether it be light salt with deco., alkaline glaze with glass runs , or whatever. So I guess it comes with the territory. It's something I would like to talk to other potters about and get their feelings on. Maybe that will be a blog post later on sometime. Have a good weekend.

  2. You're right, whenever we are making that climb through new work, new styles, it's no surprise that the pots will get compared to other pots like it. It's a little like someone one saying to you, "You remind me of an old friend". I envy your quest, Man! It's not easy doing what you're doing with the new work and I respect you for it.

  3. I've been checking your blog regularly since I found it around the first of the year. I appreciate getting to see pictures of your pots and others you like, as well as links you find interesting. For news of art/food/music for your impending trip to Athens check out www.flagpole.com.

    Your last picture of a couple of "loose" pots put me in mind of this pot I got from a fellow who's been making pots in Athens for a while - www.flickr.com/photos/8719861@N03
    I think the view with the lid on is most obviously his. In any case, thanks for keeping a journal where we can all see it.

  4. Hey! I liked the virtual tour yesterday- your space is going to be great! -Courtney

  5. thanks for the info on athens. My buddy Ted usually escorts me to the finest eateries and takes good care of me when I visit.
    BTW, who did you say made the pot that you referenced?

  6. It's by Ron Meyers - from the wood kiln at his studio in Athens. Pretty plain for him but I like what the fire did....

  7. I was thinking that it looked like something Ron would make. I recognized that knob. Thanks for reading Fred!