April 21, 2008


After pugging clay all afternoon, well, most of the afternoon, I wedged a pile of it, and threw my 8lb jug, or in some odd circles, pitcher. Then I rushed off to take care of my daughter Lillian and do some things around the yard. After the kids were in bed, finally, my wife and I sat down to watch Antiques Road Show, still our favorite show, and both fell asleep on our magic couch...zzzzzzzz

After waking up I had to go over to the studio to finish my eight pounder still spinning slowly on the old Shimpo. After a couple of yanks it was done. I guess it wasn't the most productive day at the wheel, but at least I'm started and have the clay pugged. Some of the pots I want to make this session are jugs, pitchers, bottles, and platters. I haven't made a lot of these lately. Also I'm making some more pachyderm teapots; after the last round I want to try some new things. I have a show with my bud Jenny Mendes in Iowa City in July and want to make some special things for that show. Yeah, yeah, Talk talk talk. Check back soon.

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