April 7, 2008

Clay Play Day( and a Half)

It was good to hear that someone is having fun in the studio. This just sent in from my good friend Hayne Bayless from up New England way.
Hayne reports.
Below is a shot of this weekend's proceedings: Sam, Rob & Tracy, Tom White and Janet Kirkstetter came down to Sideways Studio for a long-planned clay day (and a half). It was a real treat to have everybody here making stuff. We got a slew of houses constructed, most of them with contributions from one and all. Saturday night I called it quits at 2 a.m.; the rest were still going strong. On the table in foreground, note Sam jug full of sangria and thermos for mate´.

Sam, Hayne, Janet K. Tom, Rob. 4-5-08

Hayne I'm out the door, but I'll strap on the bluetooth and give a call from the road. Thanks for the update.

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