March 1, 2008


Do I need to hire overnight security?


  1. Ha ha ha! :) Overnight security for you, or your workshop?!

    That series of pictures is brilliant, really interesting. I've never seen one of those bottom opening devices. Presumably it helps prevent s-cracks and ensures the same dimensions each time?

    Good to see you too and the headphones of course. I thought at first that you must have a really noisy wheel and were wearing ear defenders!

  2. Oh, I've been caught vandalizing my own pots. Oh well, I had to do it. That "ball opener" is also called a jolley arm according to Frank Hamer, It's very helpful to get the bottoms even, but mostly opening up 20 lbs. of clay evenly.
    Headphones from the nineties still rockin after all these years. Good to hear from you.
    Have fun glazing. By the way, my 6yr old thought your Luke was way cool. As Bob Seger says, "Let it rock"

  3. So did you make the ball opener or buy it? More info please???

  4. I built mine from a few pieces of lumber and some hardware I had laying around. It's based on the one illustrated in "Raised In Clay" by Nancy Sweezy. It's a great book with lots of great anecdotes from potters who since passed away. I will post about the ball opener soon. Thanks for reading!

  5. I wanted to put a link to the book I mentioned in the previous comment.
    "Raised In Clay" by Nancy Sweezy