March 6, 2008

Nothing to Write On

From "Turners and Burners" I ran across this pot with its interesting marks. Not only did the potter or someone in the pot shop make some calculations on this pot, the pot got fired anyway, and why not? You can leave your comments and/or speculation about these mysterious numbers. Sorry no contest this time, just fun.


  1. I love stuff like that. Did you buy the pot? What sort of age is it?

  2. kilneanator! still up in ft wayne, firing the new soda kiln, these fancy ward power burners are quiet, the gas moving thru the lines is louder than the burners. anyway, were they figurin their daily production? either gallons turned, pennies earned, gallons left to go? why no contest, oh well you owe me like a thousand pots anyway, or wrist surgery! love ya baby
    dr. mickey

  3. Doug: I didn't have the opportunity to buy this pot, but I would if I could. The date is ca. late 19th century, probably eastern Piedmont( North Carolina)

    Shane: I love the numbers on the pots too. It probably goes to show that the pots were more common than a piece of paper around the pot shop. See the update on this post here