March 11, 2008


Here is a series showing the highlights of my lug handles for a jar. In this case the jar has four hadles, thus I start with four equal sized straps.

I cut the corners off to contour the strap to the jar.

I size up where the handle should go.

I score the jar for the slug I will add.

Centering the slug.

Welding the slug in place.
I start at the center and work my way down and around the handle.

Smoothing out the handle with a little water.

I should also mention that I size up all four handles at the same time so that I start at the same height. Then I add slugs and smooth out each handle consecutively. That way the "ears" are more or less level to each other. This works well but doesn't guarantee that they will in the end be at the same height. But sometimes we have ears that are a little askew on our bodies. too.


  1. i made some big ol' pots this weekend with the "capping" technique. i'll post some photos probably tonight. i made some handles like this, but i've been throwing a ring, wider at the bottom, then cutting a "V" out of each side, then scoring and attaching and sponging. this way i don't have to add the "slug" coil over the seem. anyway, your pots look great. good luck with the firing. how much salt are you adding these days?

  2. Kyle: Good to hear from you. I can't wait to see your big pots and handles. Do you have any process pics of your 'v' handles?

    I usually use about 25 lbs of salt. I'll be burning on Sunday, come on by.

  3. Thank you very much for the photos.
    You cannot imagine how helpful they are for someone who has never seen that process. Now I can try it myself! I really appreciate your effort.

  4. i need to put some handles on this afternoon. i'll take some pics.
    wow, that's quite a bit of salt. what's your stacking space?
    mine is about 40 cubic feet and i'm using 3 lbs salt and 1 lb baking soda.
    oh, and i am slipping and glazing these big pots at the leather hard stage and once-firing them.
    firing time is about 24 hours including overnight candling.

  5. Hello anonymous potter. I'm glad you have gleaned something from my blog. Good luck with your pottery. and thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you again. cheers, mk

    Kyle:I estimate my stacking space to be 60-70 cubic ft maybe a little more. I don't damper in and just toss it in the firebox with a little paper cup.

    I will once fire after I move to the new shop. For now I have to pack and drive the pots to the kiln, so it's easier and safer to bisque fire. My clay body has a lot of red dirt, the local stuff, so its green strength is not that great. I'll look for you pictures...see ya, mk

  6. so, i attempted to make some of these handles. they are very new to me and need some work, but i did post some pics on the blog. check'em out when you get a sec and tell me what you think. comments and concerns are welcome.
    photo documenting pottery is fun.