March 12, 2008

First Day of Glazing

With all the pots drying in the beautiful sunshine and breeze, I mixed 20 gallons of Alkaline Ash Glaze and started glazing some of the pots that are incised and didn't need any brushwork. I set up my brushes and painted a few pots to get warmed up for the big jars. I usually start painting my smaller pots and move into larger pots after I get the hang of it again. You see, it's been a couple of months (December) since I picked up a brush to paint patterns. Usually it takes a couple of days of momentum to get nice flowing brushwork.

Stay tuned. I have a video of some brushwork coming soon.

I have a big crew coming from all over to pitch in and stoke the kiln on Sunday. I'll try to blog during the firing, although it may be hard to keep to that promise with the kiln needing my attention.
That's all for today.

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