February 12, 2008

A Must For Your Pottery Library

I sat down tonight and flipped through one of my favorite books. Maybe I have mentioned it before, Two Centuries of Potters, 1999, Lincoln Co. Historical Assoc.
It's full of great information and pictures of the potters and pottery from the Catawba Valley of North Carolina. Since I don't have that many pots from this region in my collection, this book provides valuable information and catalogs many of the traditional shapes I have been exploring in my work. I thought I would mention it here and recommend it to those of you who make or collect pots. You can also call David Springs of Catawba River Trader, (704) 735-1155. He was one of the editors. David has a great store in Lincolnton, NC full of pottery. As a matter of fact I was shocked when I first went into his shop to see both windows on either side of the entrance full of old pots. Better than any museum, you could really look over the pots and get a feel of 'em. Better yet, buy 'em and take 'em home! David may still have a copies of the book for sale. Happy reading!

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