February 20, 2008

Block by Block

Tom Trout layed block while his son Gus made the mud to complete the foundation. It was windy, very windy.


  1. Michael, That's going to be a great studio. I love how it sits up high and you can see your home down below.
    I bet you'll have great light in there. I have to make it out to see you sometime soon. Gus and Tom Trout, great names...are they locals?

  2. Yea I will have a good view of the Blacks from the shop. After seven years at the Mushroom Factory it may be a shock to the eyes. I think I'll have to wear shades, at least have some heavy curtains for a while. I actually met Tom before I built my kiln. Tom is known around the world for his knowledge of bread oven design and construction. He actually builds all kinds of ovens, stoves/heaters, etc. So when you are ready to build your bread oven, Tom's your go to man. I hope you had a chance to see the link to the pages that shows Tom's house that he's building. Check it out when you have a moment. But it sounds like you're in a good spin. I'll try to get down there for your home sale.