February 13, 2008

Ash Update

For all the obsessive readers who may be wondering what ever happened to all of that ash?.....here is a shot of the current state of the wood ash processing currently continuously in the workshop. At the end of the "wood stove" season I hope to have enough ash to last through the summer. And for the sake of complete disclosure, a close up....all that's left of the tree after the wood fire that heats our house. Isn't it beautiful? Such a fragile texture...


  1. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for posting your link. Very much enjoyed viewing your blog. I love to watch the potting process, especially material processing.

    Michael Martino

  2. Hey Mike in Taku,

    Thanks for visiting. I love the process, too, even though there's no money in it, but it keeps me pretty happy. So as long as folks are willing to pay for my pots I will keep making them my way. I will show more of these materials in the future. Have a good one.