January 15, 2008

Elvis Costello and pottery (part2)

Here's another slip trailed jar with a lyric from Elvis.
Little triggers. I don't wanna be hung up, strung up,
when you don't call up. Little sniggers on your lips.

...from "Little Triggers" on the
1978 album"This Years Model". I just noticed that
this lyric also begins in the negative. Maybe Elvis
would write a more contemporary lyric reflecting
anxiety about not getting an immediate reply to his emails.
Also shown is the other side of the jar with a
Collin Rhodes-like cartouche.

Here is a small example
of Rhodes' masterful slip trailing flourish.


  1. Hey Michael, I really like all your slip trailing. You've got the knack. Doing the Elvis C. lyrics is cool for sure.

  2. Hi, I just got a link through to your blog from Ron who I got to from Doug Fitch. Your lettering is lovely, I love the free-ness of it. Beautiful shapes too.
    Best wishes,