January 6, 2008

Another favorite from XXV


(I had measured out enough clay
for 3 gallons but in the end it measured 4.
I guess I got a little more out of the clay than I planned.
Unfortunately the "3" can't be changed.)

Another favorite from XXV. David Springs commisioned me to make this jar for his friend Max Woody. I did the slip trailing in the style of the Edgefield pottery of the mid 19c. South Carolina. The Edgefield glaze ranged from a light green blue celadon to a darker iron brown. Potters like Collin Rhodes and Thomas Chandler did some beautiful slip trailing on their jars and pitchers and are considered the masters of this style. Terry and Steve Ferrell of Edgefield SC have a nice web site with some examples.
My glaze is more like the Catawba Valley tradition of western NC.

I have been using a brush for a long time and the slip trailing is new to my rep. Trailing is all about gravity, viscosity and speed. It's done with an ear bulb and it's an entirely different animal than the brush. As I advised my daughter, tonight, who is learning piano, practice, practice, practice. And so I shall ...

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