Platter for Archie

This platter was made at @arrowmont_school during this winter’s #pentaculum2018 and now it’s on the way to @archie_bray for their annual benefit auction! It’s a collaboration between Mike Gesiakowski (@mgclay) and myself. Mike took a stamp and transformed the pattern by enlarging and repeating it in photoshop and then made a vinyl print that we transferred to paper and created a slip transfer. I hope that makes sense. Basically Mike did most of the creative work! i just did a little stamping and brushwork to finish it off. I think it’s pretty stunning and am happy to donate it for the awesome cause of helping the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena MT. Follow the link in my profile for more details. Bid often and bid high for this organization and its mission.

Thimble-For What Ails Ya


Last week we saw the rock supergroup, possibly mega-supergroup, Journey and I was wowed and brought to whooping by the drumming of Steve Smith. As expected, the band played their songbook of platinum hits and during La Do Da (Infinity) Steve Smith unleashed an amazing solo. It was the highlight of the show for me. I'm not a drummer but I can appreciate his artful playing. Here's an interesting drum "clinic" that I recently watched, completely mesmerized, and so impressed with his technique! Drum craft!


Early Yunomi with Inlay