Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sawdust and Dirt Podcast, Finally!

Numero Uno!

Sometimes we start projects without really knowing why. We have an impulse, or we like what someone else is doing and want to try it ourselves. I have always been fascinated with the web and the potential it had, especially for our generation of potters and the work we were making.

At Ron Philbeck’s Potter’s Journal blog, I got to know a fellow who was journaling almost daily from his studio in Shelby, NC just down the road from me.
From his blog I was led to England and Scotland to a bunch of potters there who were blogging, there. Naturally I wanted in on the fun. I have always had the impulse to share what I know and the blog was a great way to share.

Pretty soon after I began posting in 2007, there were dozens and dozens of other potters joining in and there was a whole network of folks talking to each other and sharing ideas, encouraging one another.
Reading my blog roll was probably the first thing I did every morning.
In much the same spirit I begin this podcast.

I devour podcasts of all kinds. For years I have loved listening to interviews on public radio. I’ve loved listening to radio all my life. As a kid I had a transistor radio that I carried wherever I went, much like I do now with my phone. And when I heard the Brian R Jonescast for the first time I got really excited and binged on all the shows that were available. Brian’s podcast led me to Ben Carter’s The Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast and again there was much binging!!

So with encouragement from those guys I began to consider getting in on the fun, myself! And after much audio recording obsession and geeking out with various gadgets, I’m very excited to welcome you to the Sawdust and Dirt Podcast.

For this first episode Ron Philbeck, Kyle Carpenter and I get together for some serious shop talk. Apologies for our "inside baseball" talk. We hope to share some of our thoughts and experiences about being potters.

Here are some links to today's episode

Kyle Carpenter Pottery 
Ron Philbeck Pottery
Michael Kline Pottery

Sorry for the odd sounds at some points, the editing was a nightmare, a story to long to tell, here. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Thanks for listening, please subscribe and leave us a rating in iTunes if you would be so kind! Please share with your friends and family!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fresh Pots for Hilltown 6 and all my western Massachusetts Peeps

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creatives Conundrum

I just posted a few companion notes for my "social media for creatives" lecture over at my web site and wanted to share that info with you all as well.

Along with that is this great  segment of the Gary Vaynerchuk interview that I posted a while back. Great stuff. I couldn't embed the start time to the specific segment I wanted to share, but you can fast forward to this segment. But the whole interview is great!

Hope everybody out there is enjoying summer!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Index Is Updated for June

I haven't been able to get around to updating the Facebook Ceramic Index in a while (since late April). So it was time to crunch the numbers and share with you the movers and shakers in the Facebook ceramics realm. If you're not into the Facebook, my apologies, (RP & KC).

My hope is that you will discover some new artists and that artists will reach new collectors/fans!

A little how to. You can see the complete list, here. Each artist's box is scrollable. If you are logged in to your FB acct, you can like posts from here, but will be taken to the fb page if you click on comment.

If you have a FB page for your ceramic work and aren't included on the big list, (sorry no personal pages acting like biz pages) leave a comment here with your FB URL.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Ceramic Arts Daily News

Good Friday to you all. I'm very busy on my last wet days, checking off forms on the making list before deco-rotating next week!

Every Friday I get a little email delivered to my inbox from Ceramic Arts Daily telling me about all the good stuff they do over there and it always includes some really great content! Today my neighbor Liz Zlot Summerfield demos using templates to sketch and create her beautiful forms!

Ironically, I just sent in an outline for my very own DVD to be shot here next month! I am a little anxious, but very excited to be asked to show my techniques to be compiled in a DVD for Ceramic Arts  Daily. Watch for that DVD in the near future!

Here's Liz's demo from her DVD, "Handbuilt Forms with Soft Slabs". Enjoy.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Hi everyone out there,

I'm still making baby steps toward releasing my Sawdust and Dirt podcast and get closer each day. Pots are being made and gardens are being planted, too!

Today I just wanted to direct you to one of my favorite podcasts, The Brian R Jonescast.

Brian recently sat down with Silvie Granatelli and recorded their conversation. It's Brian's 50th release and it's his best to date! IMHO

courtesy of Brian R Jones.
There are too many words of wisdom from Silvie to publish here, but one of my favorites comes toward the end of the talk. Brian asks how Silvie feels about her legacy as a mentor to so many,
"And whether they are potters or not, I never really cared. It was just that [they] made the commitment during those two years that they would pretend that they were potters and tried to see what it felt like. “ah, that’s what it took.” Because when you start [out], you’re pretending."
I completely agree!

I feel that way as a parent sometimes and I've tried to explain to my daughters that we're all in this life together going into it, trying to do our best at something we have little experience with. We learn and we grow.

Congrats Brian! I look forward to many more of your interviews.


Monday, April 28, 2014

To Every Season

every season, turn, turn, turn

April seems to slip away so quickly.  It opens up from the seemingly endless possibilities that grow from winter's longing. My arms reach out, hands letting go of their opposing elbows, my face looks into the sun, feeling the heat, but blinded by the light!


OH! OK, I may not be the poet I think I am, HA!

Am I the potter I think I am?

Teaching, traveling, and showing my work  in various locales over the past couple of month's has me looking at my clay endeavor with new eyes. Traveling opens the eyes and upon returning home, I gain new perspectives.

And so another session in my studio begins. This one for the 49th firing of my wood kiln. The scraps of of failed pots and the trimmings of others has been slaked down/pugged, ready to be resurrected/raised into new pots.

There is always SO much hope in this season of the year and in this part of the firing cycle.

Raw clay is nothing but potential, ready for shape, ready to shape.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Month's Top 10

Here are the past month's fastest moving Facebook Ceramics Pages. The complete list is here. The current FB Index lists 324 ceramics artist's pages and is growing. Please leave a comment here if you want to suggest your FB Page or one of your faves. Currently the list is only for individual studios. Thanks for all your comments and continued support of this project!

How to: Each artist box is scrollable but at the moment you can't comment or like the content here on this page. But if you click on something you find interesting you will be taken to that content on Facebook. You do not need to be signed into FB, but if you are you can then leave comments and "like" content.  Have fun discovering new artists on FB!

Wait For It

Are you giving the world the work you love, or grinding it out?

Here's a short with Justin Timberlake talking about putting out only his best. We don't always have the luxury of time that someone like JT has to refine his music, but he gives his insight to the ideal output of an artist.

I first heard this segment in a podcast called "Life in the Woods" by Blake Stratton. I couldn't embed the podcasts here, but you can go to this link to hear the original. It's a fairly short segment and poses interesting questions for us creative individuals.